Micro-Controller  Trainer  Kit  Model  8751 / 8031


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Model 8751 / 8031 Micro Controller Kit is a compact kit with all connectors, technical manual and regulated power supply. The user can become familiar with 8751 and can receive and send data from any IBM PC to compatible PC at serial communication. Software and hardware is built into the kit and often the kit can be incorporated directly in microprocessor based projects. The standard kit is supplied with 80C31 installed. However, the same kit can be used with 8031, 8032, 80C32 or 8751 without any charges.

 Specifications :

Micro Controller : 8031 / 82C55 offering 24 I/O pins

EPROM : 8K, 2764 EPROM with 4K monitor programme. EPROM

can be extended upto 30 K.

Timers : 3 nos. built in.

Serial Port : Provided for PC.

Key Board : 20 Key membrane key board.

Display : 6 digit display.

RAM : 8K CMOS RAM provided, expandable up 32 K.

Optional Extra : Programming facility for 8751 or AT89C51. 8751 is UV

EPROM and 89C51 is electrically erasable flash


Software Features :

Substitute Memory Key : To see the contents of the memory.

Examine Register : To observe various registers.

Examine data memory : To see the contents of internal data memory.

Go Key : To execute the programmes.

Block Move : To move data in RAM.

Decrement Key : To check previous memory.

Break Point Facility : Provided.

Various Experimental Programme: provided.

Block compare programme : Programme provided to compare two blocks of data.

Serial I/O Programme : Included in the kit.

Optional Extra : i) 4-1/2 digit ADC interface.

ii) Cross compiler for 8751 on IBM PC.

iii) C Language cross compiler on IBM PC.


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