Microprocessor   Trainer  Model  8085  Low Cost

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Model 8085 Low Cost Trainer Kit is compact kit including I/O connectors, technical manual, and regulated power supply, built in serial communication software for PC communication. It consists of two separate PCBs joined by connector : one PCB containing the display and the other containing the CPU. Such an arrangement is very useful in project work.

 Specifications :

Micro Processor : 8085 A

RAM : 256 K Byte

EPROM : 8K 2764 with about 4K monitor programme.

RAM Expansion : 2K CMOS expansion socket given.

Input Port : 8 Bit port provided with 74 LS 245 IC

Display : 6 Digit

Key Board : 20 Key membrane key board with very long life

Other Features : 8155 IC, 22 I/O Pins and 8155 Timer, regulated power

supply and instruction manual are included in the kit.

Software Features :

Substitute Memory Key : To see the memory contents.

Examine Register : To see the contents of CPU registers.

Single Step Key : Executes programmes one at a time for debugging.

Go Key : To execute the programme.

Block Move : To move data in RAM.

Decrement Key : To see contents of previous memory.

Break Point Key : Stops programme execution at a required memory


Music Generation Programme : provided.

Various Experiment Programme: provided.

Serial I/O Programme : provided to enable communication with PC.

Real Time Clock Programme : provided.

Block compare programme : provided to enable Block data comparison.


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