Amplitude  Modulator/Demodulator  with   Spectrum  Analyser


The equipment produces amplitude modulation of an internally generated RF carrier by an external audio signal or a locally available DC signal. Demodulation can be done by two different types of detectors.

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Modulator Carrier Freq                      : 100KHz

Oscillator                                        : Built-in.

Types of Amp.                                : 1.DSB with Carrier Modulation

                                                       2.DSBS ( Supressed Carrier )

T ypes of Detector                          : 1. Diode Type w/ Variable RC                                                                                    (1mS- 10mS)

                                                      2. Product / Square Law detector,                                                            local freq. 500 KHz.

Local oscillator                              : Can be locked in phase or can run out                                                        of lock w.r.t 500 KHz Carrier Osc.

                           Spectrum Analyser                         : Built-in for measurement & detection of sidebands                                                                                      in the modulated signal.                                                                                   

  • Study of slope distortion caused by excessive time constant in detector circuit.

  • Measurements of sidebands present in the modulated signal by spectrum analyser.

  • Changing the time constant of the detector circuit and seeing its effect on Modulation.

Economy Model : Amplitude Mod. /Demod. without Product Detector & Spectrum Analyser.


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