Analog  Computer  Trainer  Model  700


Analog Trainer model 700 is a low cost trainer ideally suited to train and familiarize students with Analog Computation. Differential equations upto the sixth order can be solved with an accuracy of better than 1%. It has the following :-

Op. Amplifier              : 10 with gain of 1,00,000 typical

Indicating Meter          : Ranges + 1V, +3V, + 10V & +30V

Integrator                    : Six

Co-efficient                 : One ten turn Helical pot, ten single turn potentiometers.                                                   Setting Pots

Mode of Operation      : Manual and Repetitive mode.

Power Supplies          : +15V (Main) & +10V (Ref.)

Options Available       : Analog Memory, Multiplier, Variable Function Generator, Nonlinearity simulator can                                    simulate limiting, dead band and hysteresis/backlash.





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