DC  Position  Control  System  Model  -   8945

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DC Position Control System consists of two Servo Potentiometer, geared DC Motor, Tacho Generator, coupled to Motor, 3 digit DVM, Waveform capture / display card, and built-in step signal and power supplies. It is a working Position Control System enabling performance studies of Servo mechanism. The waveform display card enables low frequency measurements to be internally stored and displayed on any CRO.

Specifications :

Motor : Geared DC Motor, 15 Volts.

Potentiometers : 360o Servo Potentiometer, 2 nos.

Waveform Capture Gear : Built-in for display on ordinary CROs.

DVM : 3 digit LCD.

Signal Generator : Step Generator built-in

Power supplies : Built-in.

Tacho Generator : Built-in and coupled to motor.


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