Delta/Sigma  Delta  Modulation/Demodulation


This module is designed to familiarize the student with this type of Modulation & Demodulation.The modulator can be switched to work as DM or SDM .

Image38.gif (11452 bytes)


Delta / Sigma Delta : Depending on front panel

Modulator switch setting.

Frequency : 20KHz or 100KHz.

Input Signals : a) Built - in +5V to -5V DC

b) External audio signal

Demodulator : Can be set to work as

Delta / Sigma Delta

Demodulator gain : Ajustable from 1 to 2

Error Amplifier : High Quality.Measures

Quantisation Error.

Comparator O/P,Pulse Generator,Adder & Integrator brought out for monitoring waveforms.

The instrument works on 230V/115V+ 10%,AC Single Phase.


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