Frequency  Counter/timer  539  ( 30MHz )

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Frequency counter model 539 is a high performance 8 digit LED Counter / Timer having high sensitivity, automatically placed decimal point, unit indicator, controlled crystal indicator etc. It has a 3 position attenuator and permits counting and timing measurements over a wide range.

                                 Freq. Range          : 1Hz to 50MHz

                                 Sensitivity              : 40mV rms for Sine Wave, 100mV p-p for pulsed wave with min.pulse width of 100nS

                                 Accuracy               : +1digit + time base error

                                 Time period measurement   : 400nSec to 10 Sec

                                 Time interval measurement  : 100nSec to 10 Sec

                                 Display                  : 8 Digit


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