Frequency  Modulator/Demodulator  with   Spectrum  Analyser


This module is designed to demonstrate the concepts involved in Frequency Modulation and Demodulation.

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                                            Types of Detector           :   1.Diode Type with variable RC (1mS,10mS)                                                                                      2.Product/Square Law detector; local freq 100KHz.

                                            Local oscillator              :   Can be locked in phase or can run out of lock w.r.t. 100KHz

                                            Modulators                    :   2 with built-in Carrier Oscillators

                                            Carrier Oscillators          :  2 Nos. having different frequencies

                                            Signal I/P                      :   AC modulating signals or local DC signal

                  Experiment on adjacent channel rejection :  Can be performed as 2 modulators are given,serving as two transmitters

                                           Types of detectors         : 1. Foster Seeley Detector                                                                                  2. Ratio Detector.

 Spectrum Analyser : Given; Enables checking of various sidebands present in the modulated carrier.

  • Study of sidebands in FM signals as frequency is changed but magnitude is kept constant.

  • Study of sidebands with magnitude of modulating signal changing but frequency is kept constant.

  • Study ratio detector,Foster Seeley detector and their characteristics.

  • Observation of noise rejection of FM.

Economy Model : Freq. Modulator/Demodulator with only one Modulator & without Spectrum Analyser.


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