General  Purpose  Analog  &  Digital   Lab


Analog & Digital Lab ia self contained equipment, designed to perform practicals on all digital and linear circuits. It also permits breadboarding of prototype circuits, no soldering is required. In addition to regulated power supplies, it has the following :

Image24.gif (29192 bytes)


Breadboard : Two solderless breadboards having 1280 tie points and

400 distribution points, capable of accepting

24SWG wire.

Logic Switches : 10 Nos.

Logic Indicators : 10Nos.x bicoloured LED's.

Clock : 0.1 Hz to 10 MHz

Pulser : Contact Bounce Free , one No.

Voltmeter : Provided

Display : 4 Nos. 7 segment displays with decoders. BCD inputs

and seven segment lines are also brought out on the


Function Generator : Generates Sine, Square and Triangular waveforms –

1Hz to 10KHz

Logic Probe : Build-in detects High/Low level and pulses upto 1 MHz

(50% duty cycle)

Set of IC's : Provided, AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, Counter, Shift

Register, Tri state buffer, ADC-DAC.


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