Instrumentation   Trainer  Model -  890

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Romtek Instrumentation Trainer Model 890 provides the means to teach the students various Instrumention techniques. It is provided with various tranducers and associated Jigs, Rigs and Fixtures such as Linear Transducer Test Rig, Optical Rig and Thermal Rig etc. The instrument is beautifully made with all the transducers and assiciated Jigs visible from the front itself for a clear understanding.

It enables the following types of measurements:

1. Displacement using LVDT.

2. Angular Displacement using variable capacitance.

3. Core Displacement using inductive method.

4. Strain : using Strain guage.

5. Speed: uses photopick up & magnetic pick up.

6. Intensity :uses LDR.

7. Temperature:uses TC,RTD & Thermistor.

8. Force : uses piezoelectric pick up.


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