Linear  System  Simulator  Model  -  8909

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Linear System Simulator is designed for time Domain studies of the Open Loop and Closed Loop performance of 1st order and 2nd order systems of Type-0 and Type-I. It has built-in low frequency, square, triangular and sine wave generators.

Specifications :

Order of System : 1st, 2nd & 3rd Order

Type of System : Type-0 & Type-I

No. of combinations : Five

Amplifier : Caliberated variable gain with multi turn control.

Gain Resolution : 1 part in 1000

Waveforms : Square, sine and triangular

Frequency : 10 Hz to 110 Hz

Amplitude : 0-10V P-P

CRO Trigger : Available

Disturbances inputs: Provided

Spare Amplifier (Gain-1) : Available for phase adjustment.


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