Logic  Lab  Model  827 ( Double breadboard )



Logic Lab Model 825 is a beautiful, handy, breadboarding Lab with built-in two breadboards,Logic Hi - Lo indicators,Clock,Pulser , Power Supply,and, 7 Segment LED Display with decoder. The unit has a slanting panel It is ideal for budget consious users.The breadboard can easily be detached,permitting a number of experiments to be wired,and, stored for use at different times.

Breadboard : Solderless breadboard, 1280 tie points,400 distribution

points can accomodate dual in line IC's.Spring loaded, ni plated brass contacts accepts 24SWG hook up wires

Logic Switches : 8 Nos. to generate Hi - Lo signals.

Logic Indicators : 8 Nos. LED indicates Hi - lo.

Pulser : Contact Bounce Free , one No.

Clock : 1Hz to1MHz,Coarse & Fine Control.

Display : 7 Segment, LED, with built - in decoder(7447)IC - 1 No.

Built-in P. Supply : Regulated 5 V,DC.


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