Logic  Trainer  Model  750  DLI ( TTL )

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Model 750 DLI has been designed to cover the syllabus of Digital Electronics as applicable to Diploma courses in the country. The equipment consists of +5V and +15 V supplies, clock, Hi Lo switches,LED Indicators,7 segment displays and several integrated Circuits such as Gates, Flip Flops,counters,shift Registers,coders and Encoders, Buffers, A-D and D-A converters, expanders, Schmitt Triggers etc. On the back of the panel, the electronic circuit is wired. The sockets used for insertion of the patch cords are also soldered on the PCB. This has resulted in a very high degree of reliability.

Power Supplies : 5V +1 %, +15V + 1%, Regulated

Clock : 1Hz to 1MHz in appropriate ranges

Hi-Lo Switches : 16 Nos.

LED Indicators : 16 Nos.

7 Segment display : 3 Nos.with built-in Decoders & BCD I/P

7 segment display : 1 No. with seperate 7446 decoder

'CMOS' Option : 750 DLI with CMOS IC's.


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