Microprocessor  Trainer  Model  8085  ( deluxe )

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Microprocessor 8085 Trainer Kit is a compact kit including I/O connectors, technical manual and regulated power supply. It has 34 I/O pins, 8K battery backed CMOS RAM, expandable EPROM, full size Key Board and display. The kit is ideal for microprocessor laboratory.

 Specifications :

Micro Processor : 8085 A operating at 6.144 MHz Crystal.

RAM : 256 x 2 Bytes of RAM

EPROM : 8K 2764 EPROM with various subroutines like 16 bit

signed multiplication and division.

RAM : 8K Byte, 6264 CMOS RAM with dry cell battery backup.

I/O Port : 22 x 2 Bits of I/O pins

EPROM Programmer : Built in programmer for 2716, 2764 and 27128

Since EPROM is part of Trainer Kit Memory, unlike other

kits, additional 8K / 16K of additional programme space

is available to the user.

Input Port : 8 Bit port provided by 74LS245.

Display : 6 Digits.

Key Board : 24 Key, high reliability

System Lines : Brought out.

Address Lines : Brought out.

Power Supply : Provided alongwith the kit including programming

voltages of 12.5 / 21 / 25 Volt.

Software Features :

Substitute Memory : To see the memory contents.

Examine Register : To see the contents of CPU registers.

Single Step Key : Executes programmes one at a time for debugging.

Break Point : Facility given.

Block Move : To move data in RAM.

Block compare data : Facility available.

Serial Communication : Facility provided to communicate with IBM PC / serial printer

Various Experimental Programme: provided.


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