Pulse Code  Modulator/Demodulator


    This trainer is designed to teach the basic concepts of Pulse Code Modulation. This is a self contained unit with a PCM modulator & demodulator.

Image37.gif (12080 bytes)


Signal I/P               : Audio signal or local DC from -8V to +8V                                analog signal

Pulse Code O/P     : 3 Bits or 4 Bits; selectable

Bit Rate                 : Variable from 4 KHz to 40 KHz

Demodulator          : Built - in

Low Pass Filter     : Can be introduced by a switch in the                              demodulated O/P signal

Built-in Difference Amplifier                  :   Given; demod.O/P can be                                                              compared to modulator I/P

Quantization error measurement ckts  :   Effect of changing bit rate &                                                             changing coding from 3 bit to                                                             4 bit can be seen on these

Synchronizing pulse O/P                    :   2V p-p, 0.1mS


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