ROMTEK  D.C.  Speed  Control  System   Model  -  8963

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ROMTEK DC Speed Control System is built around a permanent magnet DC Motor and an optical pick-up and a slotted disk to measure the speed of the motor for feed back control. A 4 digit display driven from a Frequency Counter controlled by Crystal Oscillator gives the RPM of the motor. A frequency to volt converter circuit generates the feed back signal. Variable loading of the motor is by using electrical means instead of friction brake.


Motor : 0-3000 RPM, 5 Watt, approx.

Pick-up : Optical type with slotted disk.

Speed Display : 0-9999 RPM.

Braking : Electrical braking for smooth working.

DVM : 3 digit given on the equipment.

Feed Back : Electronic.

Operating Power : 230 V AC.


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