ROMTEK  PID  Controller  Model  -  8972

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ROMTEK PID Controller contains a complete PID Controller and also a simulated process containing error detector, dead time, integrator, etc. There is a built in Function Generator also. The system enables more than 10 experiments showing P, PI, PD, PID control of various types of processes.


Proportional Bands : 5% - 200%

Integral Time : 10 msec to 100 msec.

Derivative Time : 2 – 20 msec.

Function Generator : Delivers square, triangular wave & sine wave

from 10 to 40 Hz.

Digital Display : Built in DVM.

Digital Display of Frequency : Frequency of Function Generator is digitally


Process : Dead time, integrator, time constants, error

detector and gain.

Operating Power : 230 /115V AC.


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