Romtek Fibre Optics Trainer Model 7100


Romtek Fibre Optics Educational Kit is a stand alone unit, self contained to demonstrate the working of experiments to teach the fundamentals of Fibre Optics including the properties of Transmitter & Receiver, characteristics of Fibre Optics cables etc.It is possible to connect through the serial interface to a PC or printer without any additional software, this feature is additional and is priced extra.

Specifications :

Transmitter : 2Nos. Fibre Optic LED

Receiver : Two Nos.,configured around Photo detector.

Modulation Technique : Digital Communication with Pulse Code modulation

Coding/Decoding : Manchester Coding/Decoding

Telephone handsets : Two Nos.

No. of Channels : 16 (64 Kbit/Sec)

Voice PCM : Two Nos. with phone hanset channels

Analog I/P : 1 V peak to peak

Analog Bandwidth : 3.75 KHz

Fibre Optic Cable : Plastic Optical Cable

Fibre Diameter : 100 microns

Outer Diameter : 2.2 mm

No. of Fibres : Two

Length : 1 and 3 metres

Power Supply : Built-in

Mains Supply : 230 V + 10%,Single Phase,AC

Operating Conditions : 0-400 C,RH-90% at 350 C

Accesories Optional :

Fibre Optic Cable : 20 Metres

Serial Interface : RS-232 Interface with Software


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