Romtek  Gunn  Oscillator


Gunn Oscillators are solid state microwave energy generators. It consists of the following:

1. Gunn Diode & Gunn Diode mount :

Image55.gif (4964 bytes)


It consists of waveguide cavity flanged

on one end, and micrometer driven plunger

on the other end.Gunn Diode is mounted in

the cavity with BNC(F) connector for DC bias

D.C. Bias : Calibration Certificate giving

frequency vs. micrometer reading is given.

Frequency Range : 8.4 GHz to 11.6 GHz,

Typical O/P Power : 5 mWatt.

2.Gunn Diode Power Supply (SolidState, Digital, Sine, Square, Triangle Modulation):

The power supply meant to be used for Gunn Oscillatror

Type of circuit : Solid State, regulated, short circuit proof.

Gunn Bias voltage : 0 to 10V.

Gunn Current : 0 to 750 mA.

Regulation : 0.1%

Modulation Frequency : 900 to 1100 khz

Modulation wave form : sine, square & triangle.

Modulation Depth : Adjustable.

Display : 3 1/2 digit LED Display.

Turn-on characteristics : Soft turn - on for diode protection

Input : 230 +10%, AC.

Image56.gif (9536 bytes)


Besides these, waveguide stands, assorted cables and manual etc. is provided.


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