Sampling  &  Time  Division   Multiplexing/Demultiplexing


In digital communications, sampling of the Analog signals is done at discrete intervals.Discrete samples of different signals are time multiplexed on a single wire.

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Sampler : a) Frequency - 2 to 20 KHz,

b) Pulse width - 10 mS to 150 mSec

c) LED indicator if pulse width

exceeds 1/4 of time period of

sampling freq.

I/P sockets: 2 I/P for sampling & multiplexing.

Speech simulating : a) Facility for On/Off signal

b) Amplitude - 2V p-p,

c) Band width-upto 3KHz

Demultiplexer : Synchronous type - 2 O/Ps.

Low pass filters : 2 Nos.,cut off in audio range,

removes sampling spikes from demultiplexer O/P

All important signal are brought on the front panel

The instrument works on 230V/115V + 10%,AC Single Phase.


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