Temperature  Control  System  Model  -   8918

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Temperature Control System is an actual Oven based Temperature Control System with ON/OFF as also PID Control built-in. The ON/OFF control has facility for adjustment of Hysteresis. PID Controller tuning of Zlegler NiCH Method can be experimented upon. Other Methods may also be applied. 3 Digit LCD display is given to  display the set temperature and the controlled temperature by switch selection.

Specifications :

Oven Wattage : 35 Watts, phase response.

Heater Control Circuit : Phase Control, Thermister based.

Type of Controller : (a) Step Controller with Hysteresis.

adjustable (b) A combination of PID.

Display : (a) 3 Digit LCD Display, displays the set value.

(b) 3 Digit LCD display, displays the Oven temp.


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