Universal  X_Band  Mini Bench


A microwave test bench is an assembly of various microwave components, held together by Nuts & Bolts. It consists of a microwave source (Oscillator) at one end. The waves generated are led down by a wave guide through various components, so that the student can observe the propagation of waves, and their interaction and/or processing by various components.

1.Isolator :

Image46.gif (2197 bytes)


This bench consists of the following components :

ferrite based.Made out of circulator by terminating

one of its three ports into matched loads.

Frequency : 1MHz wide within X-Band

Isolation : 20dB Typical

2. Variable Attenuator :

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3.Slotted line with Probe Carriage :

It is the basic microwave equipment for study of VSWR Attenuation,Phase,Impedance,etc.It consists of a waveguide section in which a small longitudinal cut has been made and a carriage is affixed, which can be moved along the cut by a vernier arrangement. When a tunable detector probe is affixed on the carriage ,its tip projects into the waveguide and picks up energy from the guide.

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Frequency Range : 8.2 to12.4 GHz

Residual VSWR : 1.01

Total Vernier Travel : 15 Cms typical

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4. Tunable Probe :

Tunable probe is designed to be used with

slotted line section.These are meant for

exploring the energy of Electric Field in a

suitably fabricated section of waveguide.

The depth of penetration into a waveguide

section is adjustable by the knob of the

probe.The tip picks up the RF power

from the line,this power is rectified by

crystal detctor which is fed to the

VSWR meter or indicating instruments.


Frequency Range : 8.2 to 12.4 GHz

Output Connector : BNC

5. Micrometer Type Frequency Meter :

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It uses a high Q TE11 TUNED CAVITY and

a precision piston with the drive

mechanism coupled to a micrometer.

The meter is of absorption type and

designed to give wideband working

without ambiguity.

Frequency Ran 8.2 to 12.4 GHz,X Band

VSWR Better than 1.02

Accuracy + 2MHz

Calibration chart Provided

6.Moveable short

Image51.gif (3650 bytes)


It consists of a waveguide section, flanged

at one end and terminated with a

moveable shorting plunger on the other

end, driven by a precision micrometer

with L.C.of 0.01mm.

Frequency Rang: 8.2 to 12.4GHz

Micrometer : 15 mm

Micrometer LC : 0.01 mm.

7. Matched Terminations :

It is a nonreflective termination based on tapered flap. These are useful for VSWR measurements of various waveguide components.These are also employed as aprecise reference loads with Tee junctions,directional couplers etc.

Image52.gif (3744 bytes)


Frequency Range: 8.2 to 12.4 GHz

VSWR Better than 1.02

Average Power : 2 watts

Besides these components,waveguide

Stands ,assorted cables and manual

etc. is provided.



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