Measures 6"x 8"x 2"

Circuit Schematic Printed on front with circuit etched in copper and components soldered on reverse.

Plastic see through back panel enables circuit viewing / tracing

Over 200 boards cover full course in basic electronics

Boards based on standard text book by TTI Chandigarh

Banana terminal for I/P, O/P and to monitor waveforms at different points


         The list includes the following and many more :

         Basic Electronics & Device Characteristics

1. Network Theorems                                            Photo

2.Maximum Power Transfer Theorem.                     Photo

3. R-C Circuits & Time Constant.

4. R-C & L-C Circuits & their applications.

5. Series Resonance.

6. Parallel Resonance.

7. Transient Response of second order Network.

8. Lissajous Measurements on CRO.

9. P-N Junction diode characteristics.

10.Zener diode characteristics.                        Photo

11.Common Base transistor characteristics.     Photo

12.Common Emitter transistor characteristics.

13.JFET characteristics.                                  Photo

14.UJT characteristics.

15.SCR/Triac characteristics.                           Photo

16.Varacter Diode characteristics.

              Power Electronics

1. Single Phase Control (RC based) using SCR and Triac.

2. Single Phase Control (RC&UJT based) using

    SCR and Triac.

3. SCR triggering circuit using LDR.

4. UJT firing circuit for SCR.                                    Photo

5. UJT controlled SCR time delay circuit.

6. Single phase bridge rectifier using SCR.

7. Lamp Intensity Control using SCR and

    Triac (Lamp Dimmer).                                    Photo    

8. Motor Speed Control using SCR and Triac.      Photo

9. Three Phase SCR controlled Rectifier.             

10.Fan Regulator using Diac & Triac.

            Power Supply Circuit

1. Rectifier Circuits,including HW,FW and Bridge.     Photo

2. Stabilized power supply using zener diode &

    emitter follower pass transistor.

3. Filter Circuits, including Capacitor Filter, Inductor

   Filter, L Section Filter and P Filter.

4. Emitter Follower/Shunt Regulated Power Supplies.  Photo

5. Series Regulated transistorised Power Supplies.     Photo

6. Variable voltage IC Regulated Power Supplies.

7. Switched Mode Power Supply.

8. Voltage Multipliers (Doubler, Tripler and


9. Low voltage regulated power supply using

    IC723%fold back current limiting regulator.

          Oscillators & Multivibrators

1.Wein Bridge oscillator (transistorised).                    Photo

2.Wein Bridge oscillator (IC version).

3. Hartley's oscillator.                                               Photo

4. Colpitt's oscillator.                                                Photo

5. Crystal oscillator.                                                 Photo

6. Phase shift oscillator.                                           Photo

7. Twin -T oscillator.                                                 Photo

8. Beat frequency oscillator (BFO) and detector.

9. Voltage controlled oscillator.                                 Photo

10. Blocking oscillator.                                             Photo

11. Monostable multivibrator.                               Photo

12. Astable multivibrator.                                     Photo

13. Bistable multivibrator.                                    Photo

14. Multivibrator using operational amplifiers.

15. Multivibrators using digital IC’s.

16. Multivibrators using IC-555 timer.                    Photo   

17. Schmitt Trigger (Transistor)                            Photo

18. Schmitt Trigger (IC based)                              Photo

           Amplifier Circuits

1.Transistor biasing circuits: fixed bias & emitter

   resistor bias

2. Biasing circuits : collector to base bias.                Photo

3. Biasing circuits : voltage divider bias.

4.Thermal stability of Transistors (considerations of

  biasing methods)

5. Single stage amplifier.

6. R-C coupled two stage amplifier.                          Photo

7. Voltage and current feedback amplifier.

8. Single ended power amplifier.                               Photo

9. Push Pull power Amplifier.                                   Photo

10. Complementry symmetry output amplifier.           Photo

11.Tuned (narrow band) amplifier.                             Photo

12. Wideband amplifier.

13. Differential amplifier.                                      Photo

14. FET amplifier.                                               Photo

15. Emitter Follower.                                           Photo 

16. Transformer coupled amplifier.

17. IC operational amplifier including invert-ing, 

non inverting amplifier, voltage follower.                 Photo

18. Audio amplifier using LM380.

19. Determination of h-parameter of transistor.

20. Class A power amplifier.

21. Class B amplifier.

22. Class C amplifier.

23. Boot strap Voltage sweep.

24. Transistor curve tracer.

25. Transistor time delay ralay circuit.

               Control System

1. Open Loop motor speed control.

2. Closed loop motor speed control.

             Waveform Generators

1. Sawtooth Generator using 555.

2. Four decade square wave generator using 741.

3. Pulse generator with true and complementry O/P.

4. Op. Amp Triangle wave generator.

5. Op. Amp Ramp generator.

6. Op. Amp Sine/Square wave generator.

7. Single fixed amplitude sine / square /

     triangle generator.

8. Staircase generator

             Digital Electronics

1. Basic Logic Gates(OR,AND,NOR,NAND&NOT)      Photo

2. Exclusive-OR & Exclusive - NOR gates,Half – adder & Full      adder, half - substractor & full – substractor.

3. R – S Flip Flops.                                                 Photo

4. Quadruple J - K flip flop with preset and clear.        Photo

5. Master slave flip flop using NAND gates.                Photo

6. Decimal to Binary encoder.

7. NAND gate encoder.

8. BCD to 7 – segment decoder.

9. Decade Counter, decoder driver & 7 segment display. Photo

10. 16 Line to 1 line multiplexer.                                Photo

11. 4 line to 16 line demultiplexer.                             Photo

12. Characteristics of C-Mos IC's.

13. Interfacing C-Mos to TTL and TTL to C-Mos IC's.

14. 4 Bit binary full adder & substractor.              Photo

15. 4 Bit binary Universal shift register.

18. 4 Bit binary up-down counter

     (Synchronous counter)

19. Random Access memory(RAM).

20. Read only memory (ROM).

21. Tristate Buffers.

22. Binary Multiplier.

23. Analog to Digital converter.                            Photo

24. Digital to Analog converter.                            Photo

25. 555 Timer circuitand applications.                  Photo

25.  Left/Right Shift register.

             Operational Amplifiers

1. Operational Amplifiers ; Characteristics.

2. Voltage Follower.

3. Summer,Substractor,Differtiator & Integrator

   using Op. Amps.

4. Voltage to frequency converter.

5. Frequency to voltage converter.

6. Log Amplifier.

7. Antilog Amplifier.

8. Sample & Hold circuit.

9. Clipping Circuits using Op. Amps.

10.Clamping Circuit using Op. Amps.

           Active Filters (Op Amp. based)

1. Single Feedback based Low Pass Filter.

2. Single Feedback based Band Pass Filter.

3. Single Feedback based High Pass Filter.

4. Multiple Feedback based Low Pass Filter.

5. Multiple Feedback based High Pass Filter.

6. Multiple Feedback based Band Pass Filter.

7. Controlled Source based Low Pass Filter.

8. Controlled Source based High Pass Filter.

9. Controlled Source based Band PassFilter.

10. INIC based Low Pass Filter.

11. INIC based High Pass Filter.

12. INIC based Band Pass Filter.

13. Economy model all above 12 models in one.


Phase Lock Loops

1. Phase detection & measurement, using PLL

2. Voltage Controlled Oscillator.

3.Phase Lock Loop - Freq. multiplier & Synthesizer.

          Passive Filters

1.Crystal Filters.                                                   Photo

2.Low pass, High pass filters(RC based),both active & passive.

3.Low pass prototype filter.                                    Photo

4.Low pass m-derived filter.                                    Photo   

5.Low pass terminating half sections.

6.High pass prototype filter.                                   Photo 

7.high pass m-derived filter.                                   Photo

8.High pass terminating half section.

9.Protype band pass filter.

10. Prototype band reject filter.

11.m - derived band pass filter.                              Photo

12.m - derived band reject filter.                             Photo


         Networks/Transmission Lines

1.Clipping Circuits, including series, shunt and zener clippers, both +ve and -ve types.           Photo

2. Clamping Circuits.                                                                                                         Photo

3. Differentiating and integrating circuits, both active & passive.                                             Photo 

4.Series & Parralel resonant circuits.

5. Network Theorems training board.                                                                                   Photo


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