Given below is a detailed listing of the 500+ products developed over the years.

Sr No Product Name
A Special Products
1 Earth Motion Recorder
2 Chart Stepper For Earth Motion Recorder
3 Time Code Generator
4 Laser Range Finder
5 Thermal Imager
6 High Voltage Reg Power Supply
7 Power Supply Protector
8 Teletext Decoder
9 CTV Picture Tube Parameter Tester
10 CTV Picture Tube Life Tester
11 Custom made Power Supplies
12 IC Power Supplies (5V, Various models cover 1A to 50 A)
13 Laboratory Power Supplies ((0-30V, Various models cover 1A to 20 A)
14 Modular Power Supplyies (Fixed output or combination of outputs, upto 250 W)
15 Medium Voltage Power Supplies (upto 300 V, in various models upto 200 mA)
16 High Voltage Power Supplies (upto 3000 V, in various models upto 30mA)
17 Custom Built Power Supplies (Dept of Space-all kinds of requirements)
18 to 21 Frequency Counter/Timer (4 Models: 1 MHz, 10 MHz, 100 MHz, 1 GHZ) r
22 Linear IC Tester Model 209 Model FC 548
23 Logic Probe Model LP-210T/C
24 Logic Pulser Model LP-212T/C
25 Noise Generator Model NG-818
26 to 29 Function Generator ( 6 Models from 100Kz, 1 MHz, 10 MHz, 20 MHZ)
30 Function Generator(Variable Phase) for Control Lab Model FG 812
31 All-in-One L,C.R,Q, Meter, Transistor Tester, Transistor Curve Tracer Model CT 350
32 Digital Mutimeter (3 Models:3-1/2, 4-1/2 Digits and one with f & C measurement)
33 Relay output board model TM-23
34 Digital Wattmeter model TM-01
35 Sound Level Meter model TM-02
36 Flight Tilt Indicator model TM-03
37 PCB Design Kit
38 PCB Illuminated Work Station
39 PCB Consumeables Kit
40 PCB Bromographer Model 708
41 PCB Etching Machine Model 567
42 PCB Inspection Station
43 PCB Drilling Station Model 120
44 Transformer Winding Set up Model 132
45 Learning Kit Model BE 707
46 Discrete Component Trainer Model BE-2901E
47 Basic Electronic Trainer Model BE-7081E
48 RLC LED-Panel Model BE P1
49 Magnetic Devices & Circuits-Panel Model BE P2
50 Thermistor Characteristics-Panel Model BE P3
51 LDR Characteristics-Panel Model BE P4
52 Power Supply Trainer-Panel ModelBE P5
53 Regulated Power Supply Trainer Model BE P6
54 Basic Electronics-Panel Model BE7
55 Rectifier Filter Regulator-Panel Model BE 8
56 Op-Amp -Panel Model BE 9
57 Gates Panel Model BE10
58 Transistor FET & UJT-Panel Model BE11
59 SCR Diac Triac-Panel Model BE 12
60 Main Unit (2 Digital Meters,(2 Analog Meters,2 Bread Boards, supporting peripheral) Model BE-02
61 Advanced Analog System(3 Bread Board,2 Digital Meters, 12''x14'') Model BE-03
62 Study of Deflection Instrument( 14''x10'',2 Analog Meters) Model BE-04
63 Network Theorems Model BE-01
64 Maximum Power Transfer Theorem Model BE-02
65 R-C Circuits & Time Constant Model BE-03
66 R-C & L-C Circuits & their applications Model BE-04
67 Series Resonance Model BE-05
68 Parallel Resonance Model BE-06
69 Transient Response of second order Network Model BE-07
70 Lissajous Measurements on CRO Model BE-08
71 Potential divider biasing circuits Model BE-09
72 Zener diode characteristics Model DC-01
73 Common Base transistor characteristics. Model DC-02
74 Common Emitter transistor characteristics Model DC-03
75 JFET characteristics Model DC-04
76 UJT characteristics Model DC-05
77 SCR/Triac characteristics Model DC-06
78 Varactor Diode characteristics Model DC-07
79 Diac Characteristics Model DC-08
80 Characteristics Apparatus Model DC-09
81 LED diode characteristics Model DC-10
82 Single Phase Control (RC based) using SCR and Triac Model PE-01
83 Single Phase Control (RC&UJT based) using SCR and Triac Model PE-02
84 SCR triggering circuit using LDR Model PE-03
85 JUJT firing circuit for SCR Model PE-04
86 UJT controlled SCR time delay circuit Model PE-05
87 Single phase bridge rectifier using SCR Model PE-06
88 Lamp Intensity Control using SCR and Triac (Lamp Dimmer).Model PE-07
89 Motor Speed Control using SCR and Triac Model PE-08
90 Three Phase SCR controlled Rectifier Model PE-09
91 Fan Regulator using Diac & Triac Model PE-10
92 UJT Fired SCR Phase Control Model PE-11
93 Rectifier Circuits, including HW, FW and Bridge Model PS-01
94 Stabilized power supply using zener diode & emitter follower pass transistor. Model PS-02
95 Filter Circuits, including Capacitor Filter,Inductor Filter, L Section Filter and P Filter. Model PS-03
96 Emitter Follower/Shunt Regulated Power Supplies Model PS-04
97 Series Regulated transistorised Power Supplies Model PS-05
98 Variable voltage IC Regulated Power Supplies Model PS-06
99 Switched Mode Power Supply. Model PS-07
100 Voltage Multipliers (Doubler, Tripler and Quadrupler) Model PS-08
101 Low voltage regulated power supply using IC723%fold back current limiting Regulator Model PS-09
102 Power supply tutor (PSUI) Model PS-10
103 Wein Bridge oscillator (transistorised Model OM-01
104 R-C Oscillator (Wein Bridge & Phase Shift) Model OM-02
105 Wein Bridge oscillator (IC version) Model OM-03
106 Hartley's oscillator Model OM-04
107 Colpitt's oscillator Model OM-05
108 Crystal oscillator Model OM-06
109 Phase shift oscillator Model OM-07
110 Twin -T oscillator Model OM-08
111 Monostable, Astable and Bistable multivibrator Model OM-09
112 Option 1: Monostable Multivibrator
113 Option 2: Astable Multivibrator Only
114 Option 3: Bistable Multivibrator Only
115 Multivibrator using operational amplifiers Model OM-10
116 Multivibrators using digital IC’s Model OM-11
116 Wein Bridge oscillator (transistorised Model OM-01
117 Multivibrators using IC-555 timer Model OM-12
118 Schmitt Trigger (Transistor) Model OM-13
119 OP-AMP as a Schmitt Trigger Model OM-14
120 Voltage Controlled Oscillator Model OM-15
121 Transistorized Multivibrator Model OM-16
122 UJT Relaxation Oscillator Model OM-17
123 Transistor biasing circuits: fixed bias & emitter resistor bias Model AP-01
124 Biasing circuits : collector to base bias Model AP-02
125 Biasing circuits : voltage divider bias Model AP-03
126 Thermal stability of Transistors (considerations of biasing methods) Model AP-04
127 Single stage amplifier Model AP-05
128 R-C coupled two stage amplifier Model AP-06
129 Voltage and current feedback amplifier. Model AP-07
130 Single ended power amplifier Model AP-08
131 Push Pull power Amplifier Model AP-09
132 Complementary symmetry output amplifier Model AP-10
133 Option 1: BJT, JFET and MOSFET Based
134 Option2: BJT Only
135 Option 3: JFET Based Only
136 Option 4: MOSFET Based Only
137 Tuned (narrow band) amplifier Model AP-11
138 Wide band amplifier. Model AP-12
139 Differential ampifier Model AP-13
140 FET amplifier Model AP-14
141 Emitter Follower/Shunt Regulated Power Supplies Model AP-15
142 Transformer coupled amplifier Model AP-16
143 IC operational amplifier including inverting, non inverting amplifier, voltage follower, summer Model AP-176
144 Option 1: IC operational amplifier including inverting, non
145 Option 2: IC operational amplifier including inverting, non
146 Option 3: IC operational amplifier including voltage
147 Option 4: IC operational amplifier including summer only
148 Audio amplifier using LM380. Model AP-18
149 Determination of h-parameter of transistor. Model AP-19
150 Push Pull Class A, AB, B and C Power Amplifier Model AP-20
151 Option 1: Includes Class A, AB, B, and C Amplifier
152 Option 2: Includes Class A only
153 Option 3: Includes Class AB & B only
154 Option 4: Includes Class C only
155 Boot Strap Voltage sweep Model AP-21
156 Option 1: BJT, JFET Op Amp based
157 Option 2: BJT based only
158 Option 3: JFET Based Only
159 Option 4: Op Amp based only
160 Transistor curve tracer Model AP-22
161 Transistor time delay relay circuit. Model AP-23
162 Transistor Amplifier Demonstrator Model AP-24
162 Common Base Amplifier Model AP-25
163 Common Base Amplifier Model AP-25
164 Sawtooth Generator using 555. Model WG-01
165 OP-AMP as a Sawtooth generator Model WG-02
166 Four decade square wave generator using 741 Model WG-03
167 Pulse generator with true & complementary O/P. Model WG-04
168 Op. Amp Triangle wave generator. Model WG-05
169 Op. Amp Ramp generator. Model WG-06
170 Single fixed amplitude sine / square / triangle generator Model WG-07
171 Staircase generator Model WG-08
172 Boot strap circuit Model WG-09
173 Basic Logic Gates (OR, AND, NOR, NAND & NOT) Model DE-01
174 Exclusive-OR & Exclusive - NOR gates, Half – adder & Full adder, half - substractor & full – substractor. Model DE-02
175 R – S Flip Flops Model DE-03
176 Quadruple J - K flip flop with preset and clear Model DE-04
177 Master slave flip flop using NAND gates Model DE-05
178 Decimal to Binary encoder Model DE-06
179 NAND gate encoder. Model DE-07
180 BCD to 7 – segment decoder Model DE-08
181 Decade Counter, decoder driver & 7 segment display. Model DE-09
182 Decoder & Encoder Model DE-10
183 Divided by 'N' counter using 7442 Model DE-11
184 Line to 1 line multiplexer. Model DE-12
185 4 line to 16 line demultiplexer Model DE-13
186 Characteristics of CMOS IC's. Model DE-14
187 Interfacing CMOS to TTL & TTL to CMOS IC's. Model DE-15
188 4 Bit binary full adder & substractor. Model DE-16
189 4 Bit binary full adder with fast carry 7483 Model DE-17
190 4 Bit binary up-down counter (Synchronous counter) Model DE-18
191 4 Bit Counter using 4 JK Flip Flops Model DE-19
192 Read only memory (ROM) Model DE-20
193 Tristate Buffers. Model DE-21
194 Binary Multiplier Model DE-22
195 Analog to Digital converter Model DE-23
196 Digital to Analog converter Model DE-24
197 555 Timer circuit and applications. Model DE-25
198 Left/Right Shift register. Model DE-26
199 Arithmatic logic unit function generator 74181 Model DE-27
200 Study of counter 7490/7492/7493 Model DE-28
201 4 line to 16 line decoder/demultiplexer Model DE-29
202 16Line to 1 Line Data selector/Multiplexe Model DE-30
203 Operational Amplifiers ; Characteristics. Model OA-01
204 Voltage Follower. Model OA-02
205 Summer, Substractor, Differentiator & Integrator using Op. Amps Model OA-03
206 Voltage to frequency converter Model OA-04
207 Frequency to voltage converter. Model OA-05
208 Log & Antilog Amplifier Model OA-06
209 Option 1: Log & Antilog Amplifier
210 Option 2: Log Amplifier only
211 Option 3: Antilog Amplifier only
212 Sample & Hold circuit. Model OA-07
213 Clipping Circuits using Op. Amps Model OA-08
214 Single Feedback based Low Pass Filter. Model AF-01
215 Single Feedback based Band Pass Filter. Model AF-02
216 Single Feedback based High Pass Filter Model AF-03
217 Multiple Feedback based Low Pass Filter. Model AF-04
218 Multiple Feedback based High Pass Filter. Model AF-05
219 Multiple Feedback based Band Pass Filter. Model AF-06
220 Controlled Source based Low Pass Filter. Model AF-07
221 Controlled Source based High Pass Filter. Model AF-08
222 Controlled Source based Band Pass Filter. Model AF-09
223 INIC based Low Pass Filter. Model AF-10
224 INIC based Band Pass Filter Model AF-12
225 Crystal Filters. Model PF-01
226 Low pass, High pass filters(RC based), both active & passive. Model PF-02
227 Low pass prototype filter Model PF-03
228 Low pass m-derived filter. Model PF-04
229 Low pass terminating half sections. Model PF-05
230 High pass prototype filter. Model PF-06
231 High pass m-derived filter. Model PF-07
232 High pass terminating half section. Model PF-08
233 Prototype band pass filter. Model PF-09
234 Prototype band reject filter Model PF-10
235 M - derived band pass filter. Model PF-11
236 M - derived band reject filter. Model PF-12
237 Clipping Circuits, including series, shunt and zener clippers, Both +ve and -ve types Model TL-01
238 Clamping Circuits. Model TL-02
239 Differentiating and integrating circuits, both active & passive Model TL-03
240 Series & Parallel resonant circuits. Model TL-04
241 Network Theorems training board Model TL-05
242 Linear Circuit Trainer Model LC-2941A
243 Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Trainer Model LC-01
244 Analog Computers Models AC-1160
245 Analog Computers Models AC-700
246 Professional Mainframe Model-1160
247 Series of Computing Plug-ins Model PC-1200
248 Dual Amplifier Model PC-1201A
249 Dual Amplifier Model PC-1201B
250 Dual Amplifier  Model PC-1202A
251 Dual Amplifier  Model PC-1202B
252 Dual Integrator Model PC-1210A
253 Dual Integrator Model PC-1210B
254 Multiplier  Model PC-1215
255 Multiplier  Model PC-1216
256 Dual square Function Generator  Model PC-1245
257 Dual square Function Generator  Model PC-1246
258 Memory Units  Model PC-1250
259 Memory Units  Model PC-1251
260 Logic Blocks   Model PC-1255
261 Logic Blocks   Model PC-1256
262 Logic Blocks   Model PC-1257
263 Logic Blocks   Model PC-1258
264 Controlled Integrator   Model PC-1211
265 Electronic Switch  Model PC-1225
266 Electronic Switch  Model PC-1226
267 Dual Variable Function Generator  Model PC-1230
268 Dual Variable Function Generator  Model PC-1231
269 Dual Variable Function Generator  Model PC-1232
270 Dual Variable Function Generator  Model PC-1233
271 Dual Attenuator  Model PC-1240
272 Dual Attenuator  Model PC-1241
274 Operational Amplifier Trainer Model OA-01
275 Voltage Follower. Model OA-02
276 Differential  & Integrator using operational amplifier Model OA-03
277 Voltage to frequency converter  Model OA-04
278 Frequency to voltage converter. Model OA-05
279 Log  & Antilog Amplifier  Model OA-06
280 Sample & Hold circuit. Model OA-07
281 Clipping & Clamping Model OA-08
282 Instrumentation Trainer Model 890
283 Process Simulator  Model 2709
284 PID Controller Trainer Model - 8972
285 Process Trainer Model 2909
286 Thermal Trainer Model 890018
287 Angular Displacement Trainer Model 890027
288 Linear Displacement Trainer Model 890036
289 Optical Device Trainer  Model 890045
290 Strain Measurement Trainer Model 890054
291 Rotational Speed Measurement Trainer Model 890063
292 System Input / Output Unit  Model IP-01
293 Modular Instrumentation Trainer  Model IP-02 (COMPREHENSIVE)
294 Basic logic Gates (OR, AND, NOR, NAND & NOT) Model DE-01
295 Exclusive-OR & Exclusive - NOR gates, Half – adder & Full adder, half - substractor & full – substractor. Model DE-02
296 R-S Flip Flops Model DE-03
297 Quadruple J - K flip flop with preset and clear  Model DE-04
298 Master slave flip flop using NAND gates Model DE-05
299 Decimal to Binary encoder Model DE-06
300 Nand gate encoder. Model DE-07
301 BCD to 7 – segment decoder  Model DE-08
302 Decade Counter, decoder driver & 7 segment display. Model DE-09
303 Decoder & Encoder  Model DE-10
304 Divided by 'N' counter using 7442   Model DE-11
305 16 Line to 1 line multiplexer Model DE-12
306 4 line to 16 line demultiplexer  Model DE-13
307 Characterstics of CMOS IC,s Model DE-14
308 Interfacing  CMOS  to  TTL & TTL to CMOS IC's. Model DE-15
309 4Bit binary full adder subtracter Model DE-16
310 4 bit binary full adder with fast carry 7483  Model DE-17
311 4 Bit binary up-down counter (Synchronous counter) Model DE-18
312 4 bit binary using JK Flip Flop-added Model DE-19
313 Random access memory ModelDE-20

20 Read only memory Model DE-21

315 Tristate Buffers.  Model DE-22
316 Binary multiplier  Model DE-23
317 Analog to Digital converter  Model DE-24
318 Amplitude Modulator/Demodulator with Spectrum Analyzer  Model CE-01
319 AM Mod/Demod including DSB,SSB,SC,ASK,PSK  Model CE-02
320 Amplitude Modulation Diode Detector Training Board  Model CE-03
321 AM Transmitter & Receiver DSB / SSB Model CE-04
322 AM Radio System (AM Rx & Tx) Model CE-05
323 Frequency Modulator/Demodulator with Spectrum Analyzer  Model CE-06
324 Frequency Modulator (VCO Type) Training Board  Model CE-07
325 FM Modulator (Sinusoidal Carrier)  Model CE-08
326 FM Demodulator (Ratio type) Training Board  Model CE-09
327 FM Demodulator (Foster Seely Type) Training Board  Model CE-10
328 FM Demodulator (Quadrature Type)  Model CE-11
329 FM Demodulator(PLL-Based)  Model CE-12
330 FM Radio System (FM Rx & Tx)  Model CE-13
331 FSK Modulator   (VCO TYPE )  Model CE-14
332 FSK Demodulator (PLL BASED )  Model CE-15
333 Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) Modulator & Demodulator  Model CE-16
334 Phase Shift Keying (PSK) Modulator & Demodulator  Model CE-17
335 Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK)  Model CE-18
336 AGC & Delayed AGC  Model CE-19
337 Balanced Modulator  Model CE-20
338 PAM Modulator / Demodulator  Model CE-21
339 Pulse Width Modulation(PWM)  Model CE-22
340 Pulse Position Modulator / Demodulator (PPM)  Model CE-23
341 PAM/PWM/PPM Modulator/Demodulator  Model CE-24
342 PAM/PWM/PPM Modulation/Démodulation Trainer Model RT 2110  Model CE-RT2110
343 Pulse Code Modulator / Demodulator  Model CE-25
344 Delta/Sigma Delta Modulation/Demodulation  Model CE-26
345 Waveform Synthesiser cum Analyser (Fourier Analyser)  Model CE-27
346 Sampling & Time Division Multiplexing / Demultiplexing / Signal Reconstruction  Model CE-28
347 Transmission Line Trainer(Co-Axial/Time Domain study)  Model CE-29
348 Transmission Line Trainer( Lumped parameter/Frequency Domain Study)  Model CE-30
349 Error Probability Trainer  Model CE-31
350 Passive RC Filters  Model CE-32
351 Passive LC Filters  Model CE-33
352 Active RC Filters  Model CE-34
353 Filter Module (Low pass T-Based)  Model CE-35
354 Noise cum Signal mixture Generator  Model CE-36
355 Pre Emphasis & De emphasis  Model CE-37
356 Synchronous  Modulation  Demodulation  Model CE-38
357 Spectral  Analysis of AM<FM  Model CE-39
358 Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum  Model CE-40
359 Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum  Model CE-41
360 QAM TRAINER   Model CE-42
361 TDM  Pulse Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer Model RT 2102
362 TDM Pulse Code Modulation / Transmitter Trainer Model RT 2103 
363 TDM Carrier Demodulation and Data Reformatting Receiver Trainer Model RT 2107 
364 TDM Audio Input Module Model RT 2108
365 TDM Audio Output Module Model RT 2109 
366 TDM Adaptive Delta & Sigma Delta Modulation/Demodulation Trainer Model RT 2105 
367 TDM Sampling & Re-Constructional Trainer RT 2101 
368 Lo Cost, Fibre Optics Trainer Model 7100
369 Fibre Optic Component & Tool Set Model 7110
370 Fibre Optic Trainer Model 7120
371 Fibre Optic Trainer Model 7130
372 Fibre Optic Trainer Model 7140
373 Color TV Trainer Model 71
374 B&W TV Trainer Model 17
375 Telephone Instrument Trainer  Model 78
376 EPABX Trainer Model 34
378 Basic Klystron based Microwave Bench, Consisting of Klystron Power Supply-KLST-02, Klystron Oscillator-KLST-01, Isolator-ISO-CL-02, Frequency Meter-FM-01, Variable Attenuator-ATT-01, Slotted line section-SLT-SEC-01, Tunable Probe-SLT-SEC-02, Detector Mount-DTCR-01, VSWR Meter-INST-02 and Standard Accessories.Model KBMB-01
379 Basic Gunn Based Microwave Bench, Consisting of Gunn Power Supply-GUN-02, Gunn Oscillator-GUN-01, Isolator-ISO-CL-02, Frequency Meter-FM-01, Variable Attenuator-ATT-01, Slotted line section-SLT-SEC-01, Tunable Probe-SLT-SEC-02, Detector Mount--DTCR-01, VSWR Meter-INST-02 and Standard Accessories.Model GBMB-02
380 Basic Klystron cum Gunn Based Microwave Bench, Consisting of Klystron Power Supply-KLST-02, Klystron Oscillator-KLST-01, Gunn Power Supply-GUN-02, Gunn Oscillator-GUN-01,  Isolator-ISO-CL-02, Frequency Meter-FM-01, Variable Attenuator-ATT-01, Slotted line section-SLT-SEC-01, Tunable Probe-SLT-SEC-02, Detector Mount-DTCR-01, VSWR Meter-INST-02 and Standard Accessories.Model KGBM-03
381 4. Basic Antenna Radiation Pattern Set, Consisting of Mechanical Radiation Turn Table-ANT-TT-01,  Klystron Oscillator-KLST-01, Klystron Power Supply-KLST-02, Diode Detector Mount-DTCR-01 and 2 nos of Pyramidal Antenna-ANT - 05 along with Accessories.Model APR-04
382 Klystron Oscillator Mount, including Klystron Tube Model KLST-01
383 Klystron Power Supply, Digital  Model KLST-02
384 Klystron Power Supply, Analog  Model KLST-03
385 Klystron Tube  Model KLST-04
386 Klystron Cooling Fan  Model KLST-05
387 Gunn Oscillator, including Diode  Model GUN-01
388 Gunn Power Supply Digital  Model GUN-02
389 Gunn Power Supply Analog  Model GUN-03
390 Pin Modulator  Model GUN-04
391 Circulator  Model ISO-CL-01
392 Zener diode characteristics  Model DC-02
393 Attenuator:Variable  20 dB  Model ATT-01
394 Attenuator: Fixed 20 dB    Model ATT-02
395 Attenuator: Fixed  10 dB  Model ATT-03
396 Frequency Meter Direct Reading Digital  Model FM-01
397 Frequency Meter Direct Reading Analog  Model FM-02
398 Frequency Meter Micrometer Type  Model FM-03
399 Slotted Section  Model SLT-SEC-01
400 Tunable Probe  Model  SLT-SEC-02
401 Short: Fixed  Model SHRT-01
402 Short: Movable   Model SHRT-02
403 Short: Precision Movable  Model SHRT-03
404 Termination: Sliding Precision  Model TERM-01
405 Termination: Matched  Model TERM-02
406 Detector Mount  Model DTCR-01
407 Antenna: Dielectric  Model-ANT-01
408 Antenna: E Sector Horn   Model-ANT-02
409 Antenna: H Sector Horn  Model-ANT-03
410 Antenna: Pickup Horn  Model-ANT-04
411 Antenna: Pyramid -16 dB Horn  Model-ANT-05
412 Antenna: Pyramid -22 dB Horn  Model-ANT-06
413 Antenna: Standard Horn  Model-ANT-07
414 Antenna: Parabolic Antenna 8"  Model-ANT-08
415 Antenna: Slotted Ant Broad Wall  Model-ANT-09
416 Antenna: Slotted Ant. Narrow Wall  Model-ANT-10
417 Antenna: Conical  Model-ANT-11
418 Tuner : EH  Model TUNR-01
419 Tuner: EH Tuner Precision  Model TUNR-02
420 Tuner: SS Tuner Model TUNR-03
421 Tuner: SS Tuner Precision  Model TUNR-04
422 Tee: E-Plane Model TEE-01
423 Tee: H-Plane Model TEE-02
424 Tee: Magic  Model TEE-03
425 Bend: E-Plane  Model BND-01
426 Bend: H-Plane   Model BND-02
427 Twist   Model BND-03
428 Coupler : Cross Directional   Model CPLR-01
429 Coupler: Multihole Directional  Model CPLR-02
430 Dielectrics: Liquid Dielectric Cell  Model DIE-01
431 Dielectrics: Solid Dielectric Cell  Model DIE-02
432 Dielectrics: Solid Dielectric Sample  Model DIE-03
433 Dielectrics: Dielectric Slab 1"  Model DIE-04
434 Dielectrics: Solid Dilectric Set  Model DIE-05
435 Dielectrics: Liquid Dielectric Set  Model DIE-06
436 Dielectrics: Phase Shifter  Model DIE-07
437 Microwave Cavity  Model MISC-02
438 CRO-30 Mhz, Dual trace, Analog  Model INST-01
439 VSWR Meter Digital  Model INST-02
440 Voice Communication Kit Model PE 01
441 Linear System Simulator, Model – 8909
442 Temperature Control System, Model - 8918
443 Compensation Design Model - 8927
444 Relay Control System, Model - 8936
445 DC Position Control System, Model - 8945
446 Stepper Motor Study Model - 8954
447 D.C. Speed Control System Model – 8963
448 PID Controller Model - 8972
449 Process Simulator Model  - 2709
450 Process Trainer Model - 2809
451 Potentiometric Error Detector Model – 8981
452 Light Intensity Control System Model – 8990
453 Basic Superconductivity Apparatus Model PL-01
454 Enhanced Sup[erconductivity Apparatus Model PL-02
455 Force Table Model PL-03
456 Diffraction Grating Model PL-04
457 Diode Laser Model PL-2021
458 Newton’s Ring Apparatus Model PL-05
459 Wheatstone Bridge Dial Type Model PL-06
460 Young’s Double Slits Apparatus Model PL-07
461 Comprehensive Kit to Investigate wave properties of light Model PL-08
462 Longitudinal Wave Demonstrator Model PL-09 
463 Transverse Wave Demonstrator Model PL-10
464 Laser Diode with Power Supply Model PL11
465 Basic Hydrogen Fuel Cell Apparatus Model NCE-01
466 Methanol Fuel Cell (MFC) Apparatus Model NCE-02
467 Enhanced Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) Apparatus
468 Solar House
469 Motor Connection And Motor Starting Kits Model EE-01
470 Kit to demonstrate the Role Played by Relays in Controlling
And regulating the operation of Motors Model EE-02
471 Demonstration Board for Protective Circuits  Model EE-03
472 Grounding Protection Circuit Model EE-04
473 Motor Relay Kit Model EE-05
474 Electrical House Wiring Model EHW-01
475 Kits for basic installation training on Model EHW-02
476 Wire Types Model EHW-02a
477 Wire Soldering Model EHW-02b
478 On switch, one lamp Model EHW-02c
479 Lamp with Two Switches Model EHW-02d
480 Lamp  with  Three Switches Model EHW-02e
481 Connection of  Outlets Model EHW-02f
482 Wire  Codes  & Regulations Model EHW-02g
483 Alarm Systems Model EHW-02h
484 Protection Devices Model EHW-02i
485 Grounding & Protection Circuits Model EHW-02j
486 Connection  of  Service Entrance Model EHW-02k
487 Measurement of W, VA, VAR, VAhr, VARhr Model EHW-02l
488 Measurement of current and voltage. Model EHW-02m
489 Use of Megger/ Insulation Tester Model EHW-02n
490 Use of Clamp Meter Model EHW-02o
491 Use of conduits Model EHW-02p
491 Free and Forced Vibration Apparature Model  FC-01
492 Whirling apparatus Model FC-02
493 Flywheel Apparatus  Model FC-03
494 Belt Friction Apparatus Model FC-04
495 Cam Follower Model FC-05
496 Four Bar Chain Model FC- 06
497 Funicular and Polygon Apparatus Modek FC-07
498 Rolling Disc on Inclined Plane Model FC-08
499 Forces on Beam Apparatus Model FC-09
500 Coriolis Force Apparatus
Many more products were made, some were not produced or produced but not sold-such as  Morse Code Reader, Morse Code Sender, Bugs for RAW, Ultrasonic Dental Scaler, Automatic wiring Harness Tester, Insulation Breakdown Tester and so on. Many were variations on or similar products but needed the full gamut of product design process from circuit design onwards.