Color TV Trainer

Model No:

Model 71

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Short Description

The color TV Demonstration/Trainer is basically a Color TV with various stages exploded. All the stages are made on individual PCB's. TV trainers are intended to familiarize students with the circuitry of modern TV Receivers. Large working area provides a good perspective view of full TV receiver circuit, with various stages interconnected through color coded cables and high quality connectors. Circuit diagrams are screen printed, linking actual circuit components with theory. Different waveforms and voltages available at numerous input, output and important intermediate points are printed/marked and can be measured/monitored at numerous test points, sockets and terminals provided. At the same time, adequate safety precautions have been taken by using transformer and EHT and other high voltage points in shielded enclosure. Picture Tube Size : 51 Cms. (Coloured) System : CCIR - PAL Sound Output : More than 2 Watts Channel : VHF (2 to 12) UHF (21 to 68) Video Gain : 50 dB Fault creation facilities : About 50 faults, section wise. Power Supply : 230/115 V + 10 % AC, 50 Hz Manual : Comprehensive Manual provide with Experiments & fault creation facilities. Model 71 is also available with Remote Control, rest of the features remaining the same. ISI Standard Meets IS 10662/92 & ERTL Test Report is available. Operating life and environmental specifications of IS is excluded.