Learning Kit Model BE-707

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Romtek® is the registered trade mark of Bhushan & Bhushan

Short Description

Romtek Model 707 Kit is based on the Internationally accepted practronix concept. The Kit consists of one basic instrument containing power supplies, oscillator from 1Hz to 1KHz, a set of 8 masks, 100 plug-in components and a comprehensive instruction manual. With the help of this kit it is possible to cover basic electronics course in Industrial Training Institutes, Degree Colleges & Vocational Schools. It can also cover courses in various schools & short term courses run by private institutions. Such a wide spectrum of educational levels is possible with this kit using the same basic instrument & using different masks & different set of components. Model 707 permits more than 60 different experiments to be performed in basic electronics using solderless components such as amplifiers, oscillators, alarm circuits, logic circuits and hobby circuits.