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Romtek ® is the registered trade mark of Bhushan & Bhushan

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Romtek Enhanced Superconductivity Apparatus has been introduced after seeing the popular response to our Basic Superconductivity Apparatus introduced in 2002. Thanks to the introduction of the apparatus, more & more students are experimenting with superconductivity and who knows, India may become the place of a breakthrough in this technology. The Suspension / Levitation effect showing suspension of superconductor below a Neodymium magnet was accidentally discovered by Huang & Peter of Lockheed & NASA respectively. Romtek has included a special Enhanced Flux Pinning Disk (EFP) in the Kit to show this effect. The US Navy designed an experiment called SMES (Superconductive Magnetic Energy Storage), whereby a current was induced in a superconductivity ring & shown to decay with a life time of the order of 1023 years! This experiment can be performed in the Romtek Enhanced Superconductivity Apparatus with material provided in here. Magnetic Susceptibility experiment is based on the expulsion of magnetic field by superconductor. Materials provided in the kit enable measurement of critical temperature based on susceptibility measurements as also computation of magnetic susceptibility of superconductor. Specifications: 1. Superconductor Materials (a) Bi2Sr2Can-1CunO9, 83o/1100 Kelvin, for n=3; perovskite based. (b) YBa2 Cu3 O7; 900 Kelvin; perovskite based (YBCO). 2. Superconductors (a) One No. of 1” dia, loose, YBa2 Cu3 O7 ; 900 Kelvin; perovskite based. (b) One No. 1/2 inch Enhanced Flux Pinning disk, YBa2 Cu3 O7; 900 Kelvin; perovskite based. (c) Superconducting Toroid Ring, YBCO Based. (d) Superconducting cylinder (0.5”x 0.5”), Bi2Sr2Can-1CunO9, 830/1100, n=3 Kelvin, for n=2,3; perovskite Based. 3. Rare Earth Magnets (a) Cubical Levitation Magnet One No. (b) Flux-Pinning Magnet One No. (c) Toroid Induction Magnet One No. 4. Probes (a) One No. of Susceptibility probe built around 0.5”x 0.5” Superconducting rod with thermocouple also attached. Already mentioned under Superconductors at 2 (d), above. 5. Electronics Console (All Digital) : (a) Thermocouple Reader : From 1 micro Volt to 10.000 mV, with digital display, 4 ½ digit, LED. (b) Oscillator Output Display : One No. 3 ½ digit display reads, up to 1999 mV, AC. (c) Susceptibility Signal Generator : 10 KHz, Sine wave, adjustable frequency. (d) AC milli Volt meter : One No. 3 ½ digit, LED, reads AC voltage on the S/C sample. (e) AC milli Amp meter : One No. 3 ½ digit, LED, reads AC current thru the S/C sample. (f) Digital Frequency Counter : 4 digit, LED, reads Signal generator frequency up to 19.99 KHz 6. Misc. Items (a) Magnetic Needle with Scale (b) Experiment Guide (c) Elementary Cryostat1. (d) Non Magnetic tweezers 7. Experiments (a) Observation of Meisner Effect.