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Romtek® is the registered trade mark of Bhushan & Bhushan

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4 dials give a total range 0.001 Ohms to 10 MOhms with an accuracy of 0.1% at 20° C. The decade section of 9,999 Ohms can be isolated and used as resistance box also. Fitted with 4mm sockets and a combined galvanometer and battery key, which gives both initial and final sensitivity for the null detector. 0.001 to 11.11 Meg Ohms, Includes battery, 30 – 0 – 30 galvanometer, CONSTANTAN coils, includes MURRAY & VARLEY LOOP Available with Constantan Coils as also Manganin Coils. Manganin Coils are more stable and more costly too. Specifications: Range 0.001 to 11.11 MOhms No.: 4Dials Accuracy 0.1% Temperature 20°C Resistance Boxes Facility Provided Galvanometer Provided Battery Provided Sensitivity For Null Detection Loop Murray & Varley Loop