General Purpose Power Supplies

Model No:

LS 1002A

Romtek® is the registered trade mark of Bhushan & Bhushan

Short Description

0.01% Line & Load Regulation, 1mV ripple, CV / CC Characteristics, autotracking / independent modes, remote sensing, SCR crowbar protection, fully protected, ruggedly built, rated for 00 - 500 upto 95% RH, compact, lightweight, elegantly finished, continuous operation rating, choice of digital or analog meters.

Romtek Model LS 1002A Power supply is a general purpose bench type Power Supply giving 0 to 100V. The Power Supply is made in a very compact and elegant cabinet measuring 17.50” (W) ´ 5” (H) ´ 9” (D). It features very high performance by way of excellent built in protection against overload and short circuit. The output of the Power Supply is read on a rectangular Voltmeter and Ammeter. Indicators are provided to show whether operating in CV/CL mode. Coarse and Fine controls are provided for varying the output voltage is available. The Power Supply is designed with reliability as the top most consideration and is ready to operate from 0 to 40°C, upto 95% Relative Humidity and around the clock.



0 To 100V, 2A  DC


Constant Volatge Mode

Line Regulation

(for ± change in line)

.05% + 100mV

Load Regulation

(for no load to full load)

.05% + 100mV

Ripple (RMS)



One Voltmeter And One Ammeter. 31/2 Digits, LED Or LCD As Per Customer Choice

Meter Accuracy


Current Limiting

Model LS 1002A has normal current limiting features. That means in the event of overload the output current stays limited and does not exceed ratings of the Power Supply.


Protected against over load and short circuits

Remote Sensing

Remote sensing feature is given to permit regulation at the load end rather than at the power supply end. This feature can take care of upto 0.5V drop per power lead.

Controls & Indicators

MCB, Neon Indicators, Fuse, coarse controls for voltage output terminal, remote sensing terminals and zero adjustments for meters. Control for voltage is multiturn. LED’s to indicate whether operating in CV or CC mode.

Transient Recovery Time

Better than 20millisec.

Transient Behaviour

There is no overshoot on turn on, turn off and power removal.


0.2% + 300mV (after 30 minutes warmup) for 6 hours.

Setting Resolution

Setting resolution for Voltage- is 0.5V

Input Voltage

230V ± 10%, 50Hz, Single Phase AC.

Output Impedance

Better than 100mohms.


(0.05% + 100 mV)


17.5” (w) ´ 5” (h) ´ 9” (d)



The power supply shoud be regulated and deliver 0-100V, 2A. It should have one voltmeter, an ammeter and Coarse & Fine control. It should have CV/CL mode. It should have regulations of 0.05% and ripple 300mV. It should work on 230 VAC.