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Romtek® is the registered trade mark of Bhushan & Bhushan

Short Description

Romtek makes available a wide range of fully solid-state Regulated D.C. Power Supplies with most sophisticated features. These features are outlined here and are indicated in the specifications tables. Being fully solid state, the supplies are incomparable where reliability and good performance are important.

Romtek Model: 3160R Multioutput Power Supply has been designed to reduce clutter on the laboratory table. It has not only got all the voltage outputs which are possibly required in the laboratory, but it has got one digital Voltmeter and 1 Digital Ammeter also. It has got an output of 0 to 30V, 2A to take care of transistorized circuits and 2 Outputs of ±3 to ±15V to take care of operational Amplifiers etc and an output of 5 ± 5V, 5A to take care of digital integrated circuits. Digital Voltmeter Provided has 31/2 Digit seven segments LED display and has an accuracy of 0.1%. It enables correct setting of output voltage. The Digital Voltmeter Provided has got 31/2 Digit seven segments LED display and has an accuracy of 0.5% permitting correct setting and reading of current limit and current consumed. Meter selector permits selection of the digital meters so that they can read any of the four outputs. All these facilities are available in a compact size measuring approx. 425mm (w) ´ 150mm (h) ´ 375mm (d). Purchase of a single model 3160R will save you the trouble of purchasing four power supplies, one digital Voltmeter, one digital Ammeter and also save you a lot of interconnecting wires when a practical is set up. Apart from utility as discussed above, all the power supplies in the model 3160R feature excellent ripple characteristics and exhaustive protection circuitry.


0 To 30V, 2A


Constant Voltage Mode

Constant Current Mode

Line Regulation

(for ± change in line)

.05% + 5mV

0.2% + 1mA

Load Regulation

(for no load to full load)

.05% + 5mV


0.2% + 1mA

Ripple (RMS)




One Voltmeter And One Ammeter. 31¤2 Digits, LED Or LCD As Per Customer Choice

Meter Accuracy


Auto Crossover Characteristics

The Power Supply Is Of The Constant Voltage, Constant Current Type With Auto Crossover Characteristics.


CV/CC characteristics protect against over load and short circuits

Remote Sensing

Remote sensing feature is given to permit regulation at the load end rather than at the power supply end. This feature can take care of upto 0.5V drop per power lead.

Controls & Indicators

Coarse controls for voltage and current, output terminal, remote sensing terminals and LED’s to indicate whether operating in CV or CC mode.


± 3 to ± 15V 1A

Line Regulation

0.1% (for no load to full load)

Load Regulation

0.1% (for no load to full load)


1mV RMS maximum


Protected against over load and short circuits by fold back circuit.


Coarse and fine controls for voltage and output terminals are given


The outputs are auto tracking with tracking error of better than 1%


5V ± 0.5V


5 to 6V 5A DC

Line Regulation

0.1% (for ± 10% change in line regulation)

Load Regulation

0.1% (for no load to full load)


1mV RMS maximum


Protected against over load, short circuits and also against over voltage by SCR Crowbar set to 6.2V. Fold back Protection ckt.


Control Provided to vary the output voltage and output terminals are given.

Specifications Common To All The Above:


Display: 31/2 digit, seven segments LED




Meter selector switch enables this voltmeter to read the output of any of the four outputs. The range of the meter is automatically changed with the meter selector switch. The switch is push button type.


0.05% + 1mV


Display 31/2” digit, seven segments LED.



Selector Switch

The Ammeter can read the output of any of the power supplies with the help of the selector switch. The range of the ammeter is changed automatically. The switch is push button type.

Transient Recovery Time

Better than 400ms for recovery with in 10mV of nominal set voltage/regulation band.

Transient Behavior

There is no overshoot on turn on, turn off and power removal.


0.25% + 5mV (after 30 minutes warm-up) for 6 hours.

Setting Resolution

Setting resolution for Voltage- is 0.5%

Input Voltage

230V± 10%, 50Hz, Single Phase


0-40°C, upto 90% at 40°C.


17” (w) ´ 6” (h) ´ 15” (d)

425 (w) ´ 150 (h) ´ 375 (d) mm.


13.5 Kgms.

The power supply shoud be regulated and deliver 0-30V, 2A. It should have one voltmeter, an ammeter and Coarse control. It should have CV/CC mode. It should have regulations of 0.1% and ripple 1mV. It should work on 230 VAC.

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