Logic Lab 15035TTTI - Triple breadboard

Model No:

Model DE-15035TTTI

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Short Description

Logic Lab Model 15035TTTI, is a beautiful, handy, breadboarding Lab with built-in three breadboards 175mm long, Logic Hi - Lo switches , Logic Hi - Lo indicators, Clock, Pulser, Power Supply, and, 7 Segment LED Display with decoder. This equipment is ideal for digital courses in Polytechnics. High quality three strips of breadbaoard accepting ordinary 24 gauge wires for inter-connection is also built-in. The breadboard can be easily detatched and can be replaced by another breadboard permitting a number of circuit to be wired and stored for use at different times. Breadboards : Three breadboards 175 mm long, 1920 tie points, 600 distribution points, Ni plated brass contacts accepts 24 SWG hook up wires. Can accommodate dual in line IC's. Logic Switches : 8 Nos. to generate Hi - Lo signals. Logic Indicators : 8 Nos. LED indicates Hi - lo. Pulser : Contact Bounce Free, one No. Clock : 1Hz to 1MHz,Coarse & Fine Control. Display : 7 Segment, LED, with built - in decoder (7447 )IC -2 Nos. Built-in P. Supply : Regulated 5 V, DC. Extra Option : Logic Probe, Logic Pulser & IC Set Operating Power : 230/115V ac.