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Romtek® is the registered trade mark of Bhushan & Bhushan

Short Description

PID Controller contains a complete PID Controller and also a simulated process containing error detector, dead time, integrator, etc. There is a built in Function Generator also. The system enables more than 10 experiments showing P, PI, PD, PID control of various types of processes.

Proportional Bands

5% - 200%

Integral Time    

10 msec to 100 msec.

Derivative Time 2 – 20 msec.
Function Generator

Delivers square, triangular wave & sine wave

from 10 to 40 Hz.

Digital Display             

Built in DVM.
Digital Display of Frequency

Frequency of Function Generator is digitally



Dead time, integrator, time constants, error

detector and gain.

Operating Power 230/115 V + 10%AC.