Stepper Motor Study

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Short Description

Stepper Motor Study apparatus is designed for study of pulse sequence, direction / speed control and dynamics with built-in facility for microprocessor interfacing. The Stepper Motor has become an important element of control systems. The ROMTEK apparatus has been designed to study its basic operation including effect of external load which may be inertial or frictional. Provision is made for free running operation as also single stepping with LED indication. A calibrated dial is given for measurement of step angle. The unit enables 7 to 8 experiments relating to the motor and is supplied complete with power supply control panel, 8085 based micro-processor kit and application software.

Servo Potentiometer Provided with 360o indication.

Single stepping / free running /speed control/direction reversal.

Torque  2.8 Kg. – cm
Step Angle


Micro-Processor System

8085 based, 3 MHz

User Ram

4 K.

Key Board Display Controller Provided
Serial IO Lines