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For demonstrating the properties of invisible waves, at about 50, 000 times the wavelength of light. (10 GHz) With the equipment listed below various phenomena may be clearly shown including reflection, polarization, refraction, diffraction and interference. The kit is self-contained and fully portable so no ancillary equipment is required. The main components of the kit are: COMPACT MICROWAVE TRANSMITTER With integral horn, transmits continuous wave (in 10 GHz region) which is modulated by a wave at 1KHz signal. A socket is provided for the connection of a microphone (option extra). Includes 4mm sockets for operation by power supply and also by 12V AC. power pack. COMPACT MICROWAVE RECEIVER Has an inbuilt 9V transistor battery and speaker with volume and sensitivity controls. Accepts power supply or 12V A.C. power pack. The received signal is indicated on an analogue scale of 1-10. In-built amplifier and speaker monitors modulated signals. A diode probe is used to detect signal strength at single points for nodal maxima and minima. SPECIFICATIONS: Transmitter Modulated Wave 1KHz Terminal 4mm Socket Power Supply 12V AC Receiver Transistor Battery 9V Speaker Provided with Volume and Battery Power Supply 12V AC Received Signal 1-10 on analogue Scale Standard Accessories Included in price Hollow Prism Large Wax prism & Wax lens Large Reflector plates 3, small & large Diffraction Grating Provided Main Adapter Provided Plug Pack Microphone(extra option) Provided Diode probe Cable & plug Instruction booklet Provided Experimental manual Provided Partial & Reflector Provided