All-in-One LCRQ Meter Transistor Tester Transistor Curve Tracer

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Romtek® is the registered trade mark of Bhushan & Bhushan

Short Description

Romtek introduces an all-in-one Component Tester to take care of discrete component testing. In a single handy equipment, the tester can handle diodes, LED's, transistors, resistances, inductances and capacitors. The equipment permits great accuracy for all your components testing. The display is digital, 3 1/2 digit LED (0.3" height).

Inductance Measurement

Upto 20H

Resistance Measurement Upto 20MW
Capacitance Measurement Upto20mF
Diode Testing   For forward & reverse voltage
Zener diode testing Determines  Zener voltage
LED Testing     


Transistor Type Testing  Determination of NPN/PNP type
Transistor good/bad      Provided for PNP & NPN
Transistor Measurement Gain & Leakage
Transistor Characteristics

Plotting on external CRO for ALL modes i.e.

Common Base, Common Emitter & Common


Transistor `h' parameters Can be done
Measurement of `Q'

Can be done


All the above facilities are available only by purchasing at least 4 different equipment. namely Transistor Tester, LCR Meter, Curve Tracer, & Diode/Zener Diode Tester, costing more than Rs24,000/-, whereas our Model 350 is  a composite unit containing all the above is priced at Rs13400/-