Function Generator

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Short Description

Model 800 range of Function Generators are low cost instruments for the customer looking for the best price-performance ratio. All introduced by us the models offer high quality sine, square and triangle waveforms with DC off set, sweep frequency, VCO facility, frequency modulation, TTL trigger output, push button selection of ranges, digital display of frequency and multiturn frequency control. The specifications are as given below :

Frequency Range

a) Model 800 / 100K : 0.1Hz to 100 KHz.

b) Model 800 / 1M : 1 Hz to 1 MHz.

c) Model 800 / 2M : 2 Hz to 2 MHz.

d) Model 800 / 3M : 3 Hz to 3 MHz.

e) Model 800 / 5M : 5 Hz to 5 MHz.

f)  Model 800 / 10M:10 Hz to 10 MHz.


Sine, Square and Triangle.

Output Magnitude

0-20 V P-P, variable.

Trigger Output TTL output given.

Facility provided.


3½ Digit LED/LCD digital display of frequency.

Frequency Control

Multiturn Helipot to provide extremely smooth control of


Type of Controls Push Button Selection.