Error Probability Trainer

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The Error Probability Trainer brings out the concepts of noise in communication channel from statistical point of view. All Communications systems are to be designed so that the probability of error is minimized. A generator produces pseudo random binary sequence which acts as a signal. A random noise generator of variable amplitude is there. The signal and the noise are added to make the transmitted signal. The receiver correctly detects the binary sequence present in the mixture of the signal and noise, and the counter indicates the error count. The trainer operates on 230/115V ac. Transmitter Pseudo random binary: Provided with facility to Sequence generator adjust to 100 bits or 1000 bits or to run continuously. Gaussian random : Provided, O/P-0 to 3V rms noise generator Facility to add noise : Provided Receiver Types : 1. Matched filter & 2. Centre sampling type switch selectable. Error Counter: 1. Four digit, seven segment Indicates accumulated errors, 0.3" height.