Phase Shift Keying - PSK Modulator & Demodulator

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In a PSK Modulator, the Phase of the Carrier Signal is switched between two values ø1 and ø2, as determined by the modulating data signal which switches back and forth between Logic 1 and Logic 0. The Demodulator is generally a product type of detector which recovers the signal information from the Shifted Phase angles of the Carrier by multiplying the incoming Carrier Signal with a locally generated coherent, locked in Phase, Oscillator. Specifications: Carrier Frequency : 100 Hz Ø1 and Ø2 : 0 and Pi radians. Modulating Data Signal : Built-in. Modulating Signal Frequency : 1 KHz to 10 KHz. Modulating Signal Data Format : Bipolar, non return to 0 (NRZ). Demodulator : Product Type. Local Modulator : In phase/ out of phase, facility given to show effect of loss of carrier lock. Operating Power : 230/115V + 10% AC Single Phase.