Sampling & Time Division Multiplexing or Demultiplexing or Signal Reconstruction

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This trainer demonstrates analog sampling and reconstruction of signals including TDM multiplexing and demultiplexing. Sampling theorem can be verified. Effect of sampling pulse width, aliasing distortion and cross talk can be observed. Sampler : a) Frequency - 2 to 20 KHz, b) Pulse width - 10 ?S to 150 ?Sec c) LED indicator if pulse width exceeds 1/4 of time period of sampling freq. I/P sockets: 2 I/P for sampling & multiplexing. Speech simulating : a) Facility for On/Off signal b) Amplitude - 2V p-p, c) Band width-upto 3KHz Demultiplexer : Synchronous type - 2 O/Ps. Low pass filters : 2 Nos., cut off in audio range, removes sampling spikes from demultiplexer O/P All important signal are brought on the front panel The instrument works on 230/115V + 10%, AC Single Phase.