Fibre optics Trainer Kit-7140

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Romtek model 7140,advanced Fibre Optics Trainer is a modular unit, self contained to support the teaching of the fundamentals of Fibre Optics by way of demonstration and experimentation relating to the properties of Optical Transmitter & Receivers using various modulation techniques, like AM, FM, PWM etc. It also enables measurements of numerical aperture and bending losses. FEATURES STUDY TOPICS/EXPERIMENTS Simplex Analog and Digital Tx and Rx (660 nM) Setting up Fiber Optic Analog Link AM-FM-PWM modulation / demodulation Setting up Fiber Optic Digital Link Modular design-gives value for money Setting up Voice Link over Optical Link 5 student groups can simultaneously conduct separate expts on the kit due to its modularity Setting up AM/FM/PWM Links Function Generator & Crystal clock Setting up of AM/FM/PWM over Optical link Functional Blocks screen printed Frequency Response of Optical Link Various Circuit points monitored Characteristics of Tx LED & Rx PhotoDetector Voice over Fibre Optic Link Propagation & Bending Losses Facility to measure Numerical Aperture & Bending Losses Numerical Aperture Lucid Tutorials Optional Tool Set Switched faults on Transmitter & Receiver Options for Error rate Built in DC power supply Options for Eye pattern SPECIFICATIONS Transmitter LED Type,operating at wavelenghth of 660 nM Receiver Matching the transmitter, photo detector Modulation Techniques: AM, FM,PWM Drivers Operating in Analog as also Digital mode Clock 4.096 MHz, crystal PLL Detector For FM detection, one no AC Amplifier 1 no Comparator 1 No for Threhold detection Filters 1 Butterworth 4th filter with cut off at 3.4 kHz, Analog Band Width 350 kHz Digital Band Width 2.5 Mhz Function Generator Frequency 1 kHz Waveforms Sine, Magnitude 0 to 3 V p-p adjustable Sine Square (TTL levels) Voice Link Voice over fibre cable, Type Simplex Microphone Electret Type,Provided Speaker 8 Ohm, 1W, Provided Fibre Cable Type Plastic, PMMA step imdexed Core Refractive Index 1.492 Cladding Refractive Index 1.06 Numerical Aperture 0.5 or better Acceptance Angle 60 deg or better Fibre Dia 1000 micron Outer Dia 1.2 mm Fibre Lenghth 1no of 1 M 1 no of 0.5 M General Fault switches Provided- 5 each on Tx and Rx; Total 10 Monitoring Points 30 max Patch cords and sockets Standard Banana types Standard Accessories Included are fibre cables,aperture measurement jig, banana patch cords,Mike,speaker, mandrel etc. Instruction manual and tutorial Operating Power 230V/110 V/50/60 Hz AC, single phase Ambient 0 to 40 Deg C, RH 80% India Office: Post Office Box No.1583 2776, Kashmere Gate Delhi – 110006 India Bhushan & Bhushan (Romtek is brand of Bhushan & Bhushan) Estd. In 1969 AN ISO 9001-2008 COMPANY Contact Information: Web: Email: Phone: 91-11-26384723 Fax: 91-11-26384722