Romtek Fibre Optic Component & Tool

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Romtek Fibre Optics Component and Tool Set contains for use with plastic optical fiber/cable. The students will be able to learn and do the following procedures with plastic optical fiber: • Cut jacketed and unjacketed plastic optical fibers • Use a hot knife to cut or terminate AMP DNP connectors • Remove the jacket from the most common jacketed plastic optical fibers • Polish a fiber end installed in a fiber connector The tools provided include: • Professional Fiber Cutter • small. water dispenser • 2 extra sharp razor blades • Glass polishing table • 8 sheets of 2000-grit polishing paper • Fiber Optic/Wire stripper • 8 sheets of 3 µm polishing film • ST polishing puck • 22-watt hot knife • Storage container • Soldering iron cutting tip attachment • Instruction Sheet ITEM SPECIFICATIONS PICTURE 1. Hot Knife, 22 Watt The hot knife is a heated blade that yields clean terminations. It is useful in cutting fibers flush with a housing or aperture, and cutting fibers or light guides in sizes larger than Romtek Fiber Optic Cutting Block will accept. It is suitable for optical fiber diameters up to 1.5 mm. For larger diameters, use the Heavy Duty knife. It plugs into a standard AC outlet and has 1 meter cord. Replacement cutting blades are available from us. 2. Fiber Optic Cutting Block It is an easy to use tool to cut neatly- insert the fiber and press down on the blade. It has standard size single-edge blades which are easily replaced by removing a single screw. Each blade is good for at least 50 cuts of the simplex communication fiber, 2 spare blades are provided with it. The fiber cutter features six different apertures for cutting the most popular sizes of fiber such as: • .75 and 1.0 mm simplex and duplex jacketed fibers • .75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 mm bare fibers • 16-, 32-, 48- and 64-fiber light guides 3. 3 µm polishing film 8 sheets of polishing films: • Size – 15 x 15 cm • Repeatable surface finishes 4. Glass polishing table • 15 cm x 22 cm fiber optic polish plate • Rubber legs • Safety glass 5. ST polishing puck In order to hold the fiber connector securely and to maintain the proper angle, a Manual Fiber Polishing Puck is used. The puck makes it easier to hold the connector against the polishing film and ensures an even polish. 6. 2000-grit polishing paper • • Based on Silicon carbide abrasive, for fast and smooth cutting • Can be used with water or cutting For flat areas, for use by hand or with sanding block • 8-sheets are provided 7. Fibre Optics stripper • A fibre optic stripper with 3 separate cutting jaws for stripping the outer jacket. • Adjustment screw for special gauges of fibre optic • Handle lock • Length - 150mm